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Refunds and Exchanges
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.If you are not fully satisfied, you have up to 7 days from the date of sale to return the coin in its original undamaged holder with no questions asked for a refund less the shipping and insurance charges.
Coins for sale on this site-I will do my best to take clear pictures and give accurate descriptions. Additional pictures on some of the coins may be available.Some coins may have been lightly cleaned in the past, and if I know a coin has been cleaned then my description will reflect the fact.I use the Official Red Book Guide of U.S. Coins to help try to determine the condition and an approximate value.I tend to grade on the conservative side, however grading is very subjective and an individual opinion.I can be reached at for further information or questions.
Silver, Gold, and Platinum for sale on this site - All sales are final when purchasing any type of Silver, Gold, or Platinum Bullion, or United States Silver, Gold, or Platinum Eagles.