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Certified NGC & PCGS Proof Franklin's

These are certified proof Franklin's available for sale.  I spend a lot of
time searching for blast white Franklin's.  These Franklin's are blast 
white unless otherwise stated in the description section.  
Pictures will be uploaded upon request.

 Date    Grade & Description
NGC Proof 63, gorgeous, no marks, no lines, and no spots. Tad bit undergraded.   Sold
1950NGC Proof 64 awesome Franklin with exceptional eye appeal!   Sold
1951NGC Proof 65 beautiful Franklin with mirrored fields and gem brilliance, unbelievable!!    Sold
1952NGC Proof 65 STAR, white with a heavy frosted obverse, no spots, beautiful4299758-001  Sold
1952NGC Proof 65, beautiful original white brilliant proof, no spots2689587-018   $430.00
1952NGC Proof 66, blast white with a nice frosted reverse 2687304-033  $550.00 
1953NGC Proof 66, brilliant blast white, with beautifully clean surfaces2699072-001  $460.00
1953NGC Proof 66, colorful rim toning with a heavy frosted reverse2689587-019  $460.00
1953NGC Proof 67, beautiful sexy white surfaces 2672453-003  $700.00
1953NGC Proof 67 Cameo, stunning white cameos obverse and reverse2687304-004  Sold
1954NGC Proof 63 Cameo, gorgeous cameo surfaces without any distractions, undergraded!!!4299758-002  $125.00
1954NGC Proof 66, blast white brilliant proof 2687304-002  $250.00
1954NGC Proof 66, unbelievable blast white Frankling, Gem 2699072-002  $250.00 
1954NGC Proof 67, original coloring of the 1954 packaging with slight toning around the edges. 2699072-003  $350.00 
1954NGC Proof 67, beautiful cameo devices on the obverse and reverse, slightly undergraded!! 2699072-004  $400.00 
1954NGC Proof 67, nice cameo devices set against a brilliant white background, should have received a star for this one! 2687306-002  $400.00
1954NGC Proof 67 STAR, nice cameo devices on the reverse and obverse4274295-004  $525.00
1954NGC Proof 68 Cameo, beautiful example of a frosted 1954 Cameo without die polish 2687306-001  $2550.00
1955PCGS Proof 66 Cameo, nice brilliant white proof with cameo devices  86696.66/
1955NGC Proof 67 STAR, soooo close to making a full cameo 4274295-002  $250.00 
1955NGC Proof 68 STAR, full frosted obverse and reverse, with watering fields 2668353-001   $440.00
1955NGC Proof 68 Cameo, full frosting on this one1758894-004   $1100.00
NGC Proof 65, beautifully clean surfaces, slightly undergraded2699072-005  $200.00 
NGC Proof 67, shimmering brilliant fields highlight this Type 14299758-005  $510.00
NGC Proof 68, mirrored fields with frosted reverse separate this Type 1 from others☆ ☆ 2687304-007  $1170.00
1956 T-2NGC Proof 67 Cameo, clean fields stand apart from the brilliance of this coin2668351-002  $200.00
1956 T-2NGC Proof 68 STAR, heavy frosted obverse with a nice cameo reverse2687304-001  $370.00
1956 T-2NGC Proof 69, brilliant stunning proof!!3551387-013  $540.00
1956 T-2☆ ☆ NGC Proof 69 Ultra Cameo, this is the king upon on the mountain, heavy frosted obverse and reverse set against shimmering brilliant fields☆ ☆ 2687304-005   $4820.00
1957 NGC Proof 67 STAR, heavy frosted obverse with less on the reverse2687304-006   $180.00
1957NGC Proof 68 STAR, heavy frosted obverse with a brilliant reverse3294256-003   $332.00
1957NGC Proof 68 Cameo, stunning frosted obverse and reverse set against brilliant fields3973301-008  $700.00 
1957NGC Proof 68 Cameo, stunning frosted obverse and reverse set against brilliant fields 3870092-003   $700.00
1958NGC Proof 66, brilliant white proof2687306-004  $30.00
1958NGC Proof 67, brilliant white proof 2687306-003   $55.00
1960NGC Proof 66, brilliant white proof4384198-016   $18.00
1962PCGS Proof 65 & 66, nice white brilliant proofs   $22.00
1962 NGC Proof Ultra Cameo, beautiful fields contrast against the frosted devices on this one! 3146816-007   $320.00
1963 PCGS Proof 65's, nice white brilliant proofs    $24.00
1963NGC Proof 67 Cameo, brilliant fields offset this cameo Franklin563941-011   $320.00