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 Certified NGC & PCGS Proof Lincoln's

These are certified proof Lincoln's available for sale.  I spend a lot of
time searching for Red Lincoln's.  These Lincoln's are nice and red 
unless otherwise stated in the description section.  
Pictures will be uploaded upon request.

 Date Grade & Description Certification
NGC Proof 66 Red, beautiful well deserved for a higher grade than it received4337851-005  $200.00
1951NGC Proof     
1952 NGC Proof 65 Red, beautiful flashy surfaces, no spots 2689587-002 $65.00
1952NGC Proof 67 Red, beautiful flashy surfaces, no spots 2 Available  $120.00
1953 NGC Proof 67 Red, beautiful reds, no spots 3 Available  $125.00
1954 NGC Proof 67 Red smooth satiny surfaces with no spots 2687304-010 $62.50
1955NGC Proof 69 Red smooth satiny surfaces with no spots3615142-006  $850.00
1958NGC Proof 67 Red beautiful flashy surfaces, no spots706093-001  $35.00