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   Verbal Appraisals and Written Appraisals
for US Coins & Currency
Verbal Appraisals
Verbal Appraisals are subjective and a matter of opinion and are given with an estimate of the current price of todays fair market value.
An estimate of your US Coins or Currency collection can be given by a verbal appraisal. A meeting is scheduled and an a appointment is made to examine the coins or currency at the customers home, office or a location of convenience. Verbal Appraisals cost $35.00/hour with a minimum of 1 hour.  If you decide to sell your coins, currency or bullion to Classy Coins then the appraisal fee is waived.

(If you have a smaller quanity of coins(5-8) or pieces of currency to be examined then a telephone consultation or email can be done without fees).
Written Appraisals


Written Appraisals-Written appraisals are given for different reasons. First, if the collection is to be heired to dependents going through Probate Court, then a written appraisal may be required. Second, if the collection is rather large and requires additional insurance to be purchased as additional insurance riders, then a written appraisal may be required. And third, a collector may want to value their collection against a financial loan which will require a written appraisal of the collection.


Written appraisals require due dilengence on my part to ascertain a fair market value of your coins or currency at the time of the evaluation. They are quite lengthy in time and may require several hours of preparation and examination and as thus require a fee of $159.00 per hour.


To schedule your confidential appointment or to just ask a question, please give Lloyd a call at #972/317-3593, or email at